Jan 2019 – Insulation

We’ve been blowing insulation into the attics.  It’s dusty and dirty work.  The bandanas are thin enough that we can actually see and breathe quite well through them – that is, until they become full of dust and need to be rinsed out.

The short version of our process is this:  One or two people tear open the cellulose bags and fill a couple of 50 gallon plastic barrels with chunks of cellulose, another person uses our handheld concrete mixer to break up and fluff the chunks, another person dumps the plastic barrel of fluffy insulation into the blower, and the last person holds the hose that is spewing insulation into the attic.



May 2019 – Staining Floors

Today we are staining the floors in the Kitchen and Sun Room.  We spray the floor with stain and then use brushes to spread the stain across the floor.  After we stain the floors twice and let them dry, we cover the floors with a layer of polyurethane.


May 2018 — Homeschooling Victory!

Yesterday, on the second of May, 2018, we homeschoolers won a great victory, as thousands stood to express their opposition to the restrictory bills that were being heard by the Assembly Education Committee at the Capitol building in Sacramento, California.  A thousand homeschoolers testified against the bill, and three thousand more turned out in opposition.  Afterwards, not a single legislator would support the bill.

For more details and specific information on the hearing, please visit “After 3 Hours of Testimony, Support for Bill Sputters Out” written by HSLDA president, Mike Smith.

“Homeschooling families are demonstrating again and again that they are determined to protect their freedom.”Mike Smith, HSLDA President